NSRP-23 Theme

Focal Theme:

"Innovations in Radiation Physics"

The scientific program of the symposium will include plenary and invited talks by eminent professionals as well as oral and poster presentations.

The major areas to be covered are listed below:

  • Basic radiation processes

  • Material characterization using radiations

  • Reactor physics, shielding and transport

  • Radiation protection and nuclear industry

  • Radon and thoron in the environment

  • Environmental radioactivity and transfer

  • Radioactive elements in the environment, pollution and aerosols

  • Internal - external dosimetry and biological effects of radiation

  • Radiation detection, measurement and nuclear instrumentation

  • Accelerator driven systems and fusion reactors

  • Radiological protection and safety in nuclear reactors

  • Societal applications of nuclear radiation

  • Radiations in the atmosphere and space

  • Accelerator based radiation physics

  • Radiation physics in advanced technologies

  • Regulatory aspects in practices involving ionizing radiations

  • Nuclear instrumentation and nuclear forensics

  • Innovative methods in nuclear data analysis